CV Percy A. Knolle

Percy A. Knolle, MD, *29.10.1962, married, two children

Current position

Proffesor of Mollecular Immunology, Technische Universität München

Direktor Institute of Molecular Immunology and Director Institut of Experimental Oncology, both at the University Hospital München rechts der Isar, Technische Universität München

Direktor Institute of Molecular Immunology and Experimental Immunology Faculty Weihenstephan, Technische Universität München

Cooption as Proffesor of Molecular Medicine, Medical Faculty, Friedrich-Wilchelm Universität Bonn

1982-1988      Study of Medicine at the Universities of Frankfurt, Paris, Birmingham,

                       Strasbourg, and Geneva

1984-1988      Stipend from the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes

1989-1990      MD thesis at the German Cancer Reserch Center(Applied Immunology

                       Prof.Meuer) in Heidelberg

1990-1991      Postdoctoral fellow with the Bioreserch Corporation of BASF


1991-1997      Physician at the  1st.Medical Department (Prof. Meyerzum 

                       Büschenfelde), University of Mainz

1997               Qualification as Specialist in Internal Medicine and Hepatology

1997-2002      Independent research Group leader at the Centre for Molecular
                        Biology Heidelberg(ZMBH)

2001               Offers rejected for proffesorships at the Universities of Essen and


2002               Full Proffesor of Molecular Medicine and Immunology, University of


2002-2012      Founding Director Institutes of Molecular Medicine and
                       Experimental Immunology (IMMEI), University of Bonn

since 2013      Full Proffesor of Molecular Immunology and founding director Institute

                       of Molecular Immunology and Experimental Oncology at TUM



Academic positions and engagements


2003-2006  Co-Founder and Organizer of „Fachkolleg Immunologie“Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes

2004-2009              Head of the Faculty Committee for career support of young researchers (doubled the financial support from 2 to 4 M €/year because of implementation of successful career development programs for young researchers)

2004-2012                 Head of the Steering Committee of the Central Animal Facility University of Bonn advancing development of preclinical disease models for research

2004-2013             Head of the Core Facility Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting, University of Bonn

2006-2012                  Co-Founder and Vice-speaker Sonderforschungsbereich 704

2007-2014                  Co-Founder and PI Sonderforschungsbereich 670

2009-2014                  Co-Founder and PI Sonderforschungsbereich TR57

2012-2014              Co-Founder and Member of the Executive Board of theExcellence Cluster ImmunoSensation at the University of Bonn


2010-2016                 Co-Founder Translational Research Initiative PeTRA developing nanoparticles for mucosal therapeutic vaccine delivery (together with Merck and Evonik)

2009-2015                Co-Founder Translational Research Initiative The Virtual Liver developing systems biology approaches for understanding liver (immune)biology

2012-17                     Co-Founder and Co-Leader Translational EU Research Initiative MIP-DILI developing predictive markers for detection and prevention of drug-induced liver injury (together with Astra Zeneca, Roche and others)




2001                          Research Award by the Volkswagenstiftung (1.5 Million €)



2001 to present          approximately 35 M € of grant support raised for research activities


Advisory Positions


2002-2006            S cientific Advisor for Global Life Sciences Venture Capital,

                              München – Zürich

Since 2006            Adhoc Scientific Advisor for Venture Capital Companies Germany

                              and Swizerland

Since 2011             Scientific Advisor for Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals

Since 2012             Scientific Advisor for GILEAD

Since 2014             Scientific Advisor for MEDIMMUNE



2009                         PPAR- gamma agonists in the treament of CNS autoimmunity


2013                         Use of Prime-Jump Vaccination to overcome chronic infection

                                 and cancer

2014                         Hyper-IL-6 induced T cell vaccination