Research group Böttcher

Dr. Jan Böttcher

Tel  +49 89 4140 - 4453
Fax +49 89 4140 - 6922

E-mail: j.boettcher(at)

Local immune-control of cancer within the tumour microenvironment

Our group investigates the interplay between cancer cells and immune cells within tumour microenvironments in vivo. Our aim is to understand the mechanism that control local anti-tumor immunity and to identify novel targets for cancer immunotherapy.

We are particularly interested in the pathways tumour cells exploit to inhibit the access of innate and adaptive immune cells into tumor tissue, cell-cell interaction within the tumour microenvironment and effector functions of tumour-infiltrating immune cells. To address these questions, we are combining transplantable and autochthonous mouse models of cancer with classical immunological assays, modern imaging techniques for tumour sections and whole mount tumours as well as bioinformatics analysis of cancer patient data.

Current research projects of our group include:

  • Development, activation and function of dendritic cells during cancer development and immunotherapy
  • Regulation of NK cells and helper ILCs within tumours
  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling tumour-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cell responses